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Looking for a man to enjoy me in a slow and pleasurable way.

Hello Everyone’s Girl here, looking for some fun. Looking for a man who want to have descrete fun…who can laugh when trying something new and it doesn’t quite work out….a man who enjoys using all 5 of his senses when he fucks a girl.

Striptease, the smells. cuddles, perfume, the sells of sex, the sounds…moaning and groaning, the sound of wet flesh slapping together.. . the tastes….mmm, that’s all I am going to say about that one…and of course the touch, the gentle caresses, the Goosebumps, the soft skin, the hard muscles, the feel of a man inside of me.

I don’t talk much…but I sure do moan, although I will tell a man how I like it. I might be quite young but I know what I want so that I can have a body trembling orgasm and also know how to please a man. Hot and horny is a state of mind that begins with a suggestions ….anticipation. With hint of the possibility of great sex will get my wheels turning and soon I’ll be all wet and squirming around and my nipples will stand erect.

I love to have by breasts played with and teased. They love a lot of attention…squeezing, pinching, sucking. wet thinking about that :). No experience swinging….I am new…looking for a man and a kind couple to enjoy me in a slow and pleasurable way.

Making love….anywhere….have never made love outside though. The thought of that really s me. Take me quickly in the kitchen as I make a brew. In a dark room, being taken deeply by my invisible stranger…..good clean sexy fun………. that’s it really…..

get in touch…!…BB…xxx

Baggies Babe is a slut from Sandwell.
My sex is: Female
You can call me: Baggies Babe
You want to know my age? 30
Relationship status: Married
These are a few things that get me off: ,
Why you should date me: To ploay with my gorgeous body
Here's what I'm looking for: Good clean sexy fun
Age of men I seek is: aged between 20 and 30

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