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Sexy cougar looking for casual fun

I’ve been out of the dating scene for many years now, so I figure its the perfect time for this single cougar to jump back in and find some real love. I’m a honest girl and I need an honest man, its a big thing for me to have complete and utter trust in my lover. Now of course trust has to be built up, but if we’re honest about what we want from the start, it makes it that much easier to real common goals. A perfect date for me would be a candle light dinner, followed up by maybe a movie and if things have gone really well, you might just get to kiss me in the car park.  There is a chance that we might have sex on the first date, I am not ruling it out at all. For that to happen though, you would need to be a very caring man.

Dani is a slut from Altringham, Greater Manchester.
My sex is: Female
You can call me: Dani
You want to know my age? 38
Relationship status: Single
These are a few things that get me off: ,
Why you should date me: Because im hot
Here's what I'm looking for: Men to fulfil me all night long
Age of men I seek is: 25 - 28

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